Seth Neel

Welcome to my personal website!  I’m an Assistant Professor at Harvard housed in the Department of Technology and Operations Management (TOM) at HBS. I’m Co-Principal Investigator of the Secure and Fair Machine Learning Lab (SAFR ML) in Harvard’s new D^3 Institute, and part of the Theory of Computation research group, and the AI@Harvard Initiative. My primary academic interest is in machine learning, particularly as it concerns ethical notions like fairness and (differential) privacy. More generally, I am interested in all mathematical aspects of artificial intelligence. Recently I lead the integration of algorithms I co-developed during my Ph.D. into the open source efforts of IBM AI Research. I’m also a co-founder of  Welligence. My twin brother is the Harvard MD/PhD behind the BioMarker Substack.

With my Co-PI Salil Vadhan, I’m currently hiring research assistants and post-docs for the SAFR ML Lab! Apply. 

Research Group:

  • Anupama Nandi, Broad Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow, Co-advised with Hoon Cho. [Current]
  • Brian Olagoke, D^3 Research Associate. [Current]
  • Peter Chang, D^3 Research Associate. [Current]
  • Leor Fishman, Undergraduate, Advised Harvard Thesis: “DEADEYE: Differential Expressivity As Dataset fairnEss/usabilitY Estimator.” Graduated 2022. 



Email(s): firstname.lastname at (company), sneel at hbs dot edu (academic)



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